2018 Summer Art Auction & Benefit

The Annual Summer Art Auction & Benefit is Life Preservers Project’s largest fundraiser of the year and a festive highlight of the summer season! The event welcomes art lovers, musicians and other creatives to network and meet with members of...Read More
Slavery is the Original Sin of Society

Slavery is the Original Sin of Society

Crimes Against Humanity is an attempt to shine a light on the impact of human trafficking on our collective identity. I hope these posts start a thoughtful discussion about the way systemic slavery defines our political, social and economic realities....Read More
Tom Foley Life Preservers Project

Painting for Philanthropy

In our latest blog interview, Cara Lemire spoke with Tom Foley, who is painting for philanthropy. Tom is one of the newest members of the Life Preservers Project Artist Collective. He also volunteers as a Mission Ambassador to the Paving...Read More