Ryan Roberts, Artist and Art World Professional

Joining the Life Preservers Project Artist Collective is Ryan Roberts a NYC artist and art world professional. Ryan will be joining the many artist who have custom painted 12″ vinyl records that will be auctioned for charity during this year’s 8th Annual Life Preservers Project Charity Event and Art Auction. The event takes place on June 13th in NYC.

Life Preservers Project: How did youth and community arts education influence your work?

Ryan Roberts: Youth and Community Arts programs played a huge role in helping to cultivate my love of art. Without the great educational arts programs I was able to participate in during all of my schooling, I would not have the appreciation that I have for art today, and I certainly would not be working in the arts as I am now.

LPP: Why have you picked this particular medium to work within? Is there a specific reason you create the way you create?

RR: I have always been most interested in painting and especially the painting techniques of the abstract expressionists. The ability to create movement and emotion through color and form has always held my interest and is the primary reason I paint in the manner I do.

LPP: Why do you support nonprofits/charity? Why support the Life Preservers Project?

RR: I think it’s important to give back, whenever you can; especially when you are in a position to give. It is even better when it supports a great cause like the Life Preservers Project.

LPP: What kind of social impact does your art have?

RR: I am not sure about the social impact, but I do hope that all who see it enjoy the work; that it sparks a curiosity for them to learn more about art and even make their own.

LPP: Describe your inspiration- artists, humanitarians, writers, musicians, etc.

RR: Favorite artists and sources of inspiration:  Richter, Pollock, Warhol, Durer, Bosch, Boucher, Brueghel, Dali, Turrell to name a few

Ryan Robert’s work will be auctioned off at our June 13th event and are looking forward to featuring him again on our blog.

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