Interview with NYC Lifestyle Brand Art we All

Art we All approaches art by embodying everything that New York City has to offer—rawness, strength, audacity coolness and straight confidence—and creating art from it. Art we All will be donating a custom painted 12″ vinyl record for our 8th Annual Life Preservers Project Charity Event and Art Auction. Art we All sat with us to share Art we All Life Preservers Project interviewabout inspiration, getting involved in community and social impact.

Life Preservers Project: How did youth or community arts education influence your work ? Do you feel youth/community arts programs are important today?
Art we All: Yes, I feel youth/community arts programs are very important. The youth deserve a creative space to freely express themselves through painting, fashion, music, poetry, dance, etc.

LPP: Why do you work with the materials you work with/in the particular medium?
AwA: I have no preference for materials or medium in my work.

LPP: Why Life Preservers Project? Why do you support non-profits/charities?
AwA: Life Preservers Project is a non-profit organization that gives artists a platform to express ourselves creatively. I enjoy artistically contributing to charitable causes like this one.

LPP: What kind of social impact do you feel your art may have?
AwA: Bringing people together through creation and collaboration is the social impact my art has on this world.

LPP: Could you describe your inspiration from artists, humanitarians, writers, musicians, etc.?
AwA: What inspires me is me. I am my inspiration and motivation for expressing myself and the things I do.

Catch up with Art we All on Instagram or on their website. Want to bid on their artwork during our event? Make sure to grab a ticket.

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