Interview with Stephanie Losi

Stephanie Losi Interview Life Preservers ProjectStephanie Losi was an artist prior to college and grad school. She worked for a Federal Regulatory Agency for years and found that very often her job was, as she puts it, “to tell people ‘No'”. Stephanie recently made the decision to start consulting, which gave her the opportunity to start creating again. She also found an amazing creative support system in the Con Artist Collective here in NYC, and she now gets to tell people “Yes”. Stephanie has been pleased to find her art is really resonating with other people and said she “loved that connection”

Life Preservers Project: How did youth or community arts education influence your work?
Stephanie Losi: I took art classes and had an excellent professor in High School who introduced me to The Art of Imperfection. Youth and Community Art helps people express things they cannot express in other ways. Art can help people find things they are good at.

LPP: Why do you work with the materials you work within this particular medium?
SL: I chose written word because I was a journalism major in college. I had some stuff going on personally and envisioned using art to express that. I drew a brain and then started putting words on it. It had been so cathartic. I had been working on the piece at the Con Artist Collective work space and had been “hiding” the piece while I worked on it. Ultimately it was very well received.Stephanie Losi interview Life Preservers Project

LPP: Is there a reason why you support Life Preservers Projects or other nonprofits/charities in general?
SL: I liked that it was a charity/cause that is centered around women. Also, the idea of painting on a record would break me out of my comfort zone.

LPP: What kind of social impact do you feel your art may have?
SL: It really goes back to what I mentioned earlier about helping people express what’s going on in new ways. I also enjoy collaborating with others and hope to do more of that especially if it is focused on change in communities.

LPP: There are so many artists, humanitarians, writers, musicians, etc. in the world. Who or how have any of them inspired you?
SL: One immediate example comes to mind, Bob Dylan. His words are an influence.

Stephanie’s art will be on display with other existing and new members of the Life Preservers Project Art Collective during the 8th Annual Life Preservers Project Charity Event and Art Auction

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