Continuing to Help with Hurricane Relief Efforts

This blog was originally posted on LinkedIn by Maribel Rivera on September 22, 2017. You can view the original here.

The members of Life Preservers Project are asking a favor today.

We have had major hurricanes that have hit the Caribbean and the Southeast. We personally have family, friends, and colleagues in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and other islands in the Caribbean, as do many of you, who have been affected by these continuous storms.

Here is our ask. 

Please go to to learn more and make a donation or make a direct donation to our PayPal. Donations received will be distributed to Florida and the Caribbean. Life Preservers Project will match donations received up to $3000.

We’ll be sending money in waves with 100% of donations received provided to assist with relief efforts. Life Preservers Project will not keep anything for administrative costs. Through our recent fundraising efforts, we were able to provide a donation to Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.

Help is needed. Even a $5 donation can make a difference especially for the people in the Caribbean.

If you don’t make a donation to Life Preservers Project, please find a reputable organization and make a monetary donation or bring canned foods, clothing, toiletries, blankets, water, and shoes to local donation drop off sites. A list of drop off sites will be shared at our website over the next couple of days.

Something to note is that when hurricanes of this strength hit and damage cities, there is a potential rise in trafficking due to family members being displaced and being forced into trafficking. This is why it is so important to provide help and keep families together.

Why Life Preservers Project?

Life Preservers Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This means that donations that Life Preservers Project receives are used for charitable purposes; that your gifts to the organization are tax-deductible; that the group makes financial information public; and that strict rules govern how much it can spend to lobby the government. If the organization isn’t a 501(c)(3), move on, because your donation might not be tax-deductible.

We are an all volunteer organization educating the public on human trafficking and helping survivors by raising money through our artist collective. We also give back to our community by working with other charities and raising money to support other charitable programs.

Board Members:

  • Shana Pederson, President and Founder
  • Maribel Rivera, Vice President
  • Michael Quartararo, Vice President of Sponsorship
  • Cara Lemire, Secretary
  • Eric Ramos, Founder
  • Bryn Bowen, Board Member
  • Michael Manfredi, Board Member

To learn more about Life Preservers Project, visit

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