INTERPOL Warns of Global Surge in Human Trafficking-Fueled Fraud

INTERPOL has issued an Orange Notice, warning its member countries about the increasing threat of human trafficking-fueled fraud on a global scale. Criminal networks lure victims through fake job ads, forcing them to engage in large-scale cyber-enabled financial crimes.

Previously concentrated in Southeast Asia, this crime trend has expanded to other regions, including West Africa. The geographical diversity of both the victims and the scam centers has also increased. Victims, initially Chinese speaking, now come from as far as South America, East Africa, and Western Europe.

Online scam centers exploit trafficked individuals and target a second set of victims worldwide through various fraudulent schemes. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the issue, with increased online fraud and a larger pool of vulnerable individuals seeking employment.

INTERPOL calls for enhanced intelligence exchange between law enforcement, NGOs, financial institutions, and private sector companies to combat this global threat. By sharing crucial information, we can save lives, rescue victims, and dismantle the networks behind these crimes.

For more details, read the original article on the INTERPOL website.