Kalina Leopold

From Renaissance Painters to Renaissance Women: Exploring Artist Kalina Leopold’s Inspiration and Commitment to Social Good

Kalina Leopold works in a fast paced, high-stress industry, but she has discovered a way to relax: painting. The way Kalina describes her medium of choice may lead one to determine that painting chose her. “There’s something about picking up a paintbrush, and getting my...Read More
Tom Foley Life Preservers Project

Painting for Philanthropy

In our latest blog interview, Cara Lemire spoke with Tom Foley, who is painting for philanthropy. Tom is one of the newest members of the Life Preservers Project Artist Collective. He also volunteers as a Mission Ambassador to the Paving...Read More
Interview with Stephanie Losi

Interview with Stephanie Losi

Stephanie Losi was an artist prior to college and grad school. She worked for a Federal Regulatory Agency for years and found that very often her job was, as she puts it, "to tell people 'No'". Stephanie recently made the decision...Read More