Life Preservers Project Felisa Adderley
Felisa Adderley

Felisa Adderley is a 19 year old artist living in Brooklyn, finishing her associates degree in Painting and working towards her Bachelor’s in Printmaking at Pratt Institute. Felisa is also revisiting her love for embroidery. She’s wildly inspired by nature and it’s unique patterns on plants and insects. Her current mediums of choice are relief printing and lithograph, though she’s looking to incorporate thread into more of her work.

Art we All

Art we All

The message, the writing, the artist, Art we All is a stylistic embodiment of that New York City grit that so many imitators try to copy. Art we All is a self-taught artist and the streets of New York City serve as the preferred canvas of choice.[/one_half_last]

Jose Aurelio Baez

Jose started collecting comic books when he was 8. His weekend thrill of exploring the dusty aisles of second hand shops lent itself to creating new adventures and storylines for the characters he found. He would take pages and incorporate them into his own drawings and collages, giving the work new life.